Rachel Matejin
Family and Consumer Science Education
Grades 4-12

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I have always known that I wanted to be a teacher. I enjoyed playing "school" when I was a child. As I matured, my younger siblings often asked for my assistance with their schoolwork. I realized that I would often stimulate their motivation levels and understanding of the assignment. With much encouragement from family, friends and educators, I was able to decide on the perfect certification area. Family and Consumer Science Education is my niche. I love that I can teach others about life skill that I enjoy learning about as well.

I am all about living sustainably, thinking practically, and knowing life skills in order to survive in this world. I have a passion to teach others about life skills that they will use every day. I advocate living a healthy life style, along with “going green.” I enjoy planting my garden every spring, and reaping the rewards at harvest. To me, there is nothing more fun than going on nature explorations with my brothers, including fishing and hiking. On a rainy day, I love reading a good book or playing a board game with my family and friends. Finally, no family or friend will ever leave my house with an empty stomach, due to my passion of cooking and baking.

Family and Consumer Science Content Areas
Manage a Healthy Life Style
Build Relationships
Personal Financial Literacy
Design a Career Blueprint
Become Consumer Savvy
Ensure Food Safety
Create a Life Plan
Manage Personal Transitions
Nurture and Care for Children

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